We follow up on the projects from the conceptual and basic engineering phase to the detailed engineering. Mechanical staff is also available to support you during the construction. A crucial responsibility of the mechanical department in the project is the early acquisition of certified data from the supplier of all the equipment and accessories involved in it and the coordination with other disciplines.

Process engineering
Pipe and instrumentation diagrams
Balance of matter and energy
Heat transfer analysis
Compressed air systems
Ice water systems
Pneumatic transport systems
Fire systems
Wastewater treatment plants
Piping arrangements
Equipment arrangements
Analysis of flexibility
Rotating equipment
Material handling
Pressure vessels
Equipment in package
Air conditioning systems

Our approach is to provide for our clients a specialized and optimal design by applying current standards.

Pipes area applies:
ANSI – American National Standard Institute
API 610 – American Petroleum Institute
ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
NOM-026 and 028 Official Mexican Standard

Tanks and containers apply:
API 620 – American Petroleum Institute
PEMEX Standards
ASTM – American Secrety for Testing and Materials

Air conditioning applies:
AMCA – Air Movement and Control Association
ASHARE – American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air
The Official Mexican Standard
Carrier Manual for thermal loads

Dust Collection applies:
AMCA – Air Movement and Control Association
Industrial Ventilation