Servicios de ingeniería

Engineering services

We provide high quality basic and detailed engineering services, as well as project management and construction supervision in the civil, mechanical and electrical, instrumentation and architectural areas.

Specialized services Staff

We have the largest available human capital in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey to cover any of the following: engineers, designers, draftsmen, supervisors and assistants.

Ingeniería conceptual y básica

Conceptual and Basic Engineering

We have specialized professionals specialized in each of the branches of Engineering, with vast experience in the industrial sector, to determine the technical and economic viability of any project through a previous study based on the specific requirements of customers.

Ingeniería de detalle

Detailed Engineering

Our staff is able to define each and every one of the subsystems, components or parts that make up each project and to bring it to fruition. With a high precision, our engineers produce the necessary documentation to materialize the project according to your expectations.

 Renta de computadoras y periféricos

Rent of Computers and Peripherals

You may access to state-of-the-art computer equipment that will help you effectively manage any engineering project without spending large sums of money leasing other prestigious computer brands and peripherals.

Technical Advice in Construction

We provide the service of technical advice in construction with a staff of professionals specialized in the areas of Construction Management; Control and Surveillance; Evaluation of Proposals and Supervision of Projects.

Supervision de obra

Work supervision

With this service, we guarantee the fulfillment of the technical, administrative and normative specifications of the construction contracts, with the purpose of guaranteeing the adequate administration of the investment and of the resources assigned to the work.

Escaneos 3D

3D scans

We posses advanced technology to help you obtain accurate and reliable measurements of your project. Our 3D laser scanning service provides speed and accuracy through detailed prototypes that serve to document full installations with precision.